Our Services

At E&Q we focus on the financial aspect meaning we set-up a strong financial foundation for our customers' businesses. Thanks to our expertise we guide you in setting-up an efficient financial management process and we perform regular follow-ups which lead to sustainability and long term collaboration. We offer the following services:


- Business Model
- Business Plan
- Financial Planning

Business Growth:
- Profit Maximisation
- Solvency & Liquidity assessment
- Operating efficiency
- Budgeting & Analysis

Business Maturity:
- Regular health check control
- Solvency & Liquidity management
- Budgeting & Analysis

Business Renewal/Decline:
- Business Model & Business plan review
- Financial Planning & Analysis
- Financing solutions

Benefits working with us

Whatever stage you are in your business, we're providing tailored solutions aligned to your business goals and objectives.



Our customers are regularly informed about their business financial performance and numbers

Financial control

Regular reporting, analysis & follow-ups.

Profit maximization

Strong finance management will help quickly detect what goes wrong and make the proper corrections, which could lead to improving the sales or reduce the cost

Liquidity Management

Preparation of long-term Cash Flow plans with regular review & monitoring.

Solvency review & management

Setting up of KPIs that are assessed on regular basis for early detect of anomalies. Result: Action plans & follow-ups.

Agile Finance

Adapt our solutions depending on the market development and trends.

Not sure which package is right for you?

Discover our questionnaires

Our questionnaires can be used as a starting point to assess how solid your business model is, or to determine the current state of your company's financial position. Action plans can then be implemented to ensure the financial success and stability of your business.